Biology Reimagined

Menten leverages synthetic biology, machine learning, and quantum computing to create new proteins not found in nature for diverse applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our hybrid quantum-classical computing approach allows us to create new biology and overcome the scalability challenges that limit classical approaches.


Peptide Therapeutics

Reimagining next-generation peptide therapeutics with improved chemical and physical properties including extended plasma half-life and permeability.

Proteins for Drug Delivery

We design de novo proteins that serve as delivery systems for specific intracellular biologics.

Enzyme Design and Optimization

We employ a mixed approach of active site optimization, machine learning (sequence model prediction, reinforcement learning, quantum machine learning), and molecular dynamic approaches to pre-screen enzyme sequences and computationally optimize activity, specificity, and stability.


Hans Melo, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
PhD in Machine Learning & Computational Neuroscience
Triathlete & Ironman
Tamas Gorbe, PhD
CSO & Co-Founder
PhD in Biocatalysis, Protein Engineering & MSc. Medicinal Chemistry
Triathlete & Ironman
Vikram Mulligan, PhD
Academic Co-Founder
PhD in Biochemistry
Core Developer of the Rosetta software
Talented artist
Patrick Finneran
PhD Candidate in Biochemistry & Biophysics
The friendly giant
Jack Maguire, PhD
PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Dog lover


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